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Taking control of  your Pelvic Floor is vital if you are serious about ensuring your highest quality of life for as long as possible.

But it’s hard to exercise, and even harder to exercise a muscles that you can’t see.

So that’s why we invented The Shock Jock to be the ultimate pelvic floor exercise solution for men.

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The Shock Jock is the only device on the market specifically engineered to target Men’s Plevic Floors. With our special three pad design, six week strengthening programme and the highest quality materials and testing all ensures that strengthening your pelvic floor and Supercharging your Man Bits is as easy as putting on underwear.

What science says about us...

 Decades of scientific research supports pelvic muscle exercises for boosting sexual performance, preventing the onset of erectile dysfunction, reducing premature ejaculation, and fostering urinary and prostate health


[Kegels are] as good as Viagra, without the cost and the side effects.

Dr. Grace Dorey

New York Times, July 2014

PFMT can be useful in the management of numerous male urinary and sexual maladies…PFMT should be considered a first-line approach for ED.

Dr Andrew Siegel

Journal of Urology, 2014
The Ultimate Pelvic Floor Solution to Level-up your Bedroom fun

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